Alliance VITA’s 18th Summer University Seminar: "From the Heart to the Peripheries"


“From the Heart to the Peripheries: Society is waiting for us.”

This was the theme of Alliance VITA’s 18th Summer University Seminar, which was held in Lyon from August 28-30, and which gathered approximately 300 participants. The Alliance VITA members present reflected in small groups on what “the heart” of the association was for them, before exploring together the conditions and variables of a dialogue towards the “peripheries ”, whether it be geographical, sociological, cultural or ideological.

Among the speakers were communication experts, social workers and doctors who presented their analyses and testimonies. The talk given by Georgina Dufoix, former Minister of Social Affairs and National Solidarity, was a highlight moment for this Summer University, said Tugdual Derville, general delegate for Alliance VITA: “I particularly appreciated the courageous witness of Georgina Dufoix who encouraged us to pursue our actions, with great kindness towards people, decision-makers, and keeping in mind the requirement for justice and truth regarding their actions.”

Organised each year at the end of summer, the Summer University is a place of revitalising for the members of Alliance VITA, in particular for those who exercise local responsibilities. This year the theme “From the Heart to the Peripheries” allowed to reaffirm the specific mission of the association in French society. For Tugdual Derville : “Far from turning us in on ourselves, we are assuming our humanitarian responsibility, both social and political, at the heart of society.” And François-Xavier Pérès, president of the association, concluded: “We come out of these three days of “Summer University” in wonder before the fruitfulness of the work accomplished by our teams throughout the year, and above all boosted for continuing our commitment in the service of the most fragile over and above all bounds ! »


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