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The French television station, France 2 invited Nicolas Sarkozy to their emission “Paroles and Acts” on Thursday February 4, 2016. The president of the Republican Party went over several contentions developed in his book “France for life”. He was also questioned on the subject of the Taubira law and his public affirmation to the activists at the Common Sense meeting held in November 2014, during which he conceded that he would repeal this law, or completely rewrite it, if he returned to power. During the emission, the ex-president of the Republic said he was “in error” to make that promise, specifying his position: “we are not going to cancel the marriage alliance: that would be cruel, unjust and impossible”. He equally added that he is opposed to Gestational surrogacy.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s general delegate and ex-spokesman for Demonstration for One and for All: states: “Beyond the confusion that he foments with his reversals, Nicolas Sarkozy cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the scope of legal uncertainty that the Taubira law triggered, for the rights of families and couples as well as for the rights of filiation and adoption. Women have already been able to adopt the child of their partner, born by MAP (medically assisted procreation) performed abroad; and Gestational surrogacy in insidiously being established in our country, facilitated and encouraged by recent decisions at the Cassation Court, in complete alignment with the Taubira Circular. These children are deliberately deprived of their father or their mother, and become items of a business transaction. Mr. Sarkozy cannot ignore that a large majority of the French population contest this pretended “right for a child” which is being imposed on us by these practices.

Furthermore, rather than brandishing the specter of “getting unmarried” as a scarecrow, the former president should know that if a law of this type is revoked or revised, this can only be valuable in the future: it’s not a question therefore of cancelling marriage alliances and even less of “un-adopting” the children. Need we remind Mr. Sarkozy of his own analysis, before his recent turnaround? : “It’s useless to say that one is against Gestational surrogacy and MAP if we do not repeal the Taubira law”? In the end, the inconsistencies in the former president’s political statements do not only damage his personal credibility. Most French people have lost confidence in the capacity of the policymakers to act conscientiously for the common good.”

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                  The Family Institute and the Republic, a think-tank of 120 jurists, has just published “Marriage and the law. Protect the child”. This collective work (39 authors) rather dense (44 contributions, 480 pages) and practical, paints a realistic picture for applying the May 17, 2013 law, and demonstrates that it is completely possible to legally revise this law (but only for the future), and proposes the legislators various alternative solutions, including for “homosexual couples”.

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