[Press Release]: Appeal to Health Minister against Government Abortion Sites

A joint committee will soon meet to try to agree on a common legislative text between the deputies and the senators to expand the offense for obstructing abortion. Alliance VITA decided to address an appeal to the Health Minister.

By registered letter to French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, Alliance VITA officially requested via its Barrister Hugues Hourdin, that the biased or partial information be removed from the official government Internet site on abortion: www.ivg.social-sante.gouv.fr. This information could mislead individuals who consult the site.

Alliance VITA’s letter of appeal to the Health Minister

The appeal especially targets a video entitled « Are there psychological consequences after an abortion?” in which a gynecologist claims “after an abortion there are no long-term psychological side-effects with abortion”. This is in complete contradiction with the IGAS report published in 2010 which points out the lack of an impartial study on the side-effects following abortion which “frequently remains difficult to live with from a psychological point of view.”      

In this letter, Alliance VITA underlines that “denying any long-term side effects following an abortion can deceive women, not only those who hesitate to have an abortion, but also those who experience long-term side-effects following an abortion.”

Alliance VITA also requests an update of the information guide on abortion, which was last updated in November 2014. Indeed article L.2212-3 of the public Health Code requires annual updates, and it is even more necessary since the provisions for abortion have been modified several times since the last update.

Should the Health Minister not give a positive answer to these demands, Alliance VITA announces that they will file a contentious appeal with the administrative court.

Why undertake this action? While the « Thought Police » keeps pretending that abortion is a trivial act, censuring any contradiction, the government shows no qualms about misleading women on its own “official” website, denying the reality of abortion and its consequences. Alliance VITA pleads for women to have the right to speak freely, and to receive unimpeded assistance when they wish to avoid abortion.

Facing the truth about abortion without trying to hide its consequences is a question of justice and humanity.

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