Biopolitical awareness: 1 million flyers to be distributed before French Presidential elections

While the presidential campaign has occulted societal subjects which will determine the future of French society, Alliance VITA has launched a national awareness campaign to rally citizens to evaluate the biopolitical challenges in the coming political election:

  • protecting maternity, children and families,
  • supporting vulnerable, disabled and dependent individuals
  • accompanying aged individuals and those at the end-of-life; biomedical research ethics.
1 million flyers to warn and rally citizens

For 30 days, Alliance VITA’s volunteer teams will go forth to meet the French public to denounce and expose the damage caused to society during Holland’s term, containing more than 30 destructive measures, attacking every stage of human life, thus making our society more vulnerable, and to invite voters to choose the candidates who commit to repairing the damage and defending the life and human dignity of all, especially those who are the most vulnerable.

The awareness campaign which started last weekend and continues until April 23 involves one thousand volunteers from Alliance VITA in almost 200 French cities, distributing tracts and meeting with voters up until the first round of the French Presidential elections.


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