« Euthanasia, Behind the Scenes » (Belgian Book Release)


“Euthanasia, Behind the Scenes”, is a new book published by Mols, on the end-of-life and the consequences of euthanasia.

The foreword of the book was written Jacques RICOT, philosopher, and Dr Timothy DEVOS, hematologist and professor at Leuven University Hospital, coordinated the contributions from 8 well-known Belgian caregivers specialized in palliative care, including university teachers, doctors, nurses and ethicists.

Since 2002, when euthanasia was decriminalized in Belgium, requests have become rather commonplace. The authors chronicle their experience and reflections on euthanasia and end-of-life care in Belgium. Not only for caregivers, these notes are noteworthy for anyone who has questions about the sense of suffering, the meaning of life and death, and the consequences of the 2002 law which continues to raise many questions.

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