[Press Release] French Bioethics Law Abdicates the Rights of the Most Vulnerable

The government’s vote ignores the precautionary principle and endorses the idea that “might is right”, leaving out the rights of the child.

This complete turnaround in France’s bioethics law marks a resounding defeat for human rights. The fundamental principles of protecting human life during procreation and at embryonic stage are being crushed to serve an individualistic Anglo-Saxon market logic.

This legislative process, far from being the consensus originally promised by French President Macron, pushed through by force the bioethics bill. Ethical red lines have been crossed which put the rights of the most vulnerable at risk, as well as the very integrity of the human species.

  • Extending access to ART without medically diagnosed infertility tramples the rights of the child and defines the existence of the father as optional. This measure, unfair and discriminatory for both children and fathers, creates a “right to have a child” even if it means depriving the child of a father, or in the case of a dual gamete donation, deprives him of all filiation.
  • Crossing ethical red lines: creating human-animal chimeras and genetically modifying human embryos.

Alliance VITA believes the government is buttressing itself into a position of omnipotence and utilitarianism to impose techniques to manipulate human beings and living organisms with impunity, in opposition to French people aspirations regarding ethical, social, and ecological matters (see the IFOP survey June 2021) *.

The bill neglects to address three main issues which constitute the real challenges for a new ecology centered on humanity, just when the country is struggling to heal from the effects of the pandemic:

  • fighting against infertility to avoid having increasingly frequent recourse to artificial procreation
  • fighting against eugenics and focusing on disabilities
  • protecting the integrity of the human species, which is a major challenge.

Alliance VITA and its members will remain fully committed in the coming months to defend these vital issues in the upcoming elections.

We expect consistency from our politicians, and an across-the-board ecological policy incorporating respect for humanity. Solidarity with the most vulnerable means putting the human being right at the heart of all public policies, and not manipulating, nor selecting more and more severely, embryos or human beings at a later stage.

We call on elected officials and civil society to take responsible actions to guarantee that the precautionary principle, which is inherent in the constitution for nature and environment, also applies to the protection of human beings.

A recent IFOP survey carried out in June 2021 revealed that a significant number of French are basically unaware of the bioethics’ law contents. The survey results reveal their wish to have the precautionary principle applied to bioethics.

75% of the people surveyed want to set limits on the research which theatens the integrity of the human species and to put a ban on manufacturing human/animal chimeras and on genetic modifications of human embryos.”

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