Supporting the most vulnerable

We help people struggling through life’s trials.

We train on and raise awareness about bioethical issues.

We act to preserve human dignity.


Bioethics: what are the risks of tomorrow?

ART, surrogacy, GPA, genetic manipulation of embryos, euthanasia, assisted suicide,… new challenges for the most vulnerable and for the respect of human life.

Help us protect the rights of the most vulnerable!











Alliance VITA provides support for people facing life’s challenges

In our society, scientific advances and the changing of mentalities have weakened the fundamental rights of the unheard and under-protected: children, the elderly, disabled persons, and all the most vulnerable. We take action to protect them.

We are keenly aware of life’s trials, which is why we provide support services with SOS Bébé and SOS Fin de vie and Thadeo.

We’ve helped to support 30,000 people over the course of 20 years, making our bioethics expertise both unique and renowned.

Our missions

Listen & help

“SOS Bébé”, “SOS Fin de vie” and “Thadeo”, provide aid for people confronted by life’s trials.

Inform & train

The “University of Life” has trained more than 58,000 people in bioethical issues.

Discuss & raise awareness

With actions to reach and sensitize decision makers and the general public, locally and nationally.

Our News

« Euthanasia, Behind the Scenes » (Belgian Book Release)

« Euthanasia, Behind the Scenes » (Belgian Book Release)

“Euthanasia, Behind the Scenes”, is a new book published by Mols, on the end-of-life and the consequences of euthanasia. The foreword of the book was written Jacques RICOT, philosopher, and Dr Timothy DEVOS, hematologist and professor at Leuven University Hospital, coordinated the contributions from 8 well-known Belgian caregivers specialized in palliative care, including university teachers, […]

[Press Release] European Elections: VITA Focuses on Fragile Generations

[Press Release] European Elections: VITA Focuses on Fragile Generations

Two days before the European elections, Alliance VITA gives the results of its awareness campaign for “Fragile Generations”. While all across Europe, countries are facing the social and humanitarian challenges of demographic decline and population ageing, the French are becoming more aware of the urgent need to foster intergenerational solidarity. The three steps of the […]


The loss of my mother has left me with a big void, which hasn’t diminished over time. There’s still this feeling that I didn’t tell her how much I loved her.

Kate, 63 years

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