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Inadmissibly Endorsing Infanticide

Alliance VITA firmly denounces the media coverage via “Konbini” (a French pop culture website), regarding a woman who declares having killed her severely disabled 3-year-old child more than 30 years ago. Caroline Roux, Alliance Vita’s Assistant General Delegate asserts:  “It is unacceptable to publicly endorse infanticide. All children have the right to be protected, especially […]

Ageing And Discrimination: A National and European Major Issue

On February 27, a European Charter on Advanced Age was published to promote consideration for older persons. This charter intends to challenge the candidates in the upcoming European elections, (May 23-26) to give older people an appropriate and dignified place in today’s society. The charter was drafted by influential persons and doctors from various associations […]

China’s CRISPR Twins Medical Scandal: New Revelations

New revelations have been reported in the case of the Chinese scientist who first used the CRISPR-Cas9 technique to genetically modify twin babies’ genes before birth. The birth announcement of twin girls in China last November sparked international condemnation for violating scientific guidelines against the use of gene-edited embryos to start pregnancies. He Jiankui admitted […]

Alliance VITA provides support for people facing life’s challenges

In our society, scientific advances and the changing of mentalities have weakened the fundamental rights of the unheard and under-protected: children, the elderly, disabled persons, and all the most vulnerable. We take action to protect them.

We are keenly aware of life’s trials, which is why we provide support services with SOS Baby and SOS End of life.

We’ve helped to support 30,000 people over the course of 20 years, making our bioethics expertise both unique and renowned.

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