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[press release] – abortion, hostage to political manoeuvres

[Press Release] – Abortion, Hostage to Political Manoeuvres

Following the announcement by the French President of a constitutional bill to register abortion in the constitution, Alliance VITA denounces this blatant and indecent exploitation of the sensitive subject of abortion.
[press release] abortion in the constitution: alliance vita deplores the vote by the senate

[Press release] Abortion in the Constitution: Alliance VITA Deplores the Vote by the Senate

The Senate has just adopted the bill aimed at introducing a "right" to abortion in the constitution by modifying the initial text to register in the constitution the “freedom for women” to resort to abortion.
[press release] – alliance vita’s udv bioethics conference returns in january 2023

[Press release] – Alliance VITA’s UDV Bioethics Conference returns in January 2023

The UDV (Université de la Vie) training conferences on bioethical stakes, created and presented by Alliance VITA, is returning in January 2023.
[cp] – citizens’ convention on the end of life: alliance vita will take part guilelessly

[CP] – Citizens’ Convention on the End of Life: Alliance VITA will Take Part Guilelessly

Whilst the Citizens' Convention on the end of life is to begin tomorrow, Alliance VITA stands ready to provide its expertise and convictions, with determination and guilelessly.

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