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[cp] – abortion in the constitution: a confiscated debate far from reality

[CP] – Abortion in the Constitution: A Confiscated Debate Far from Reality

The French Parliament has just adopted on first reading the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution. Once again, the subject of abortion has been instrumentalised by the political parties in a game of tactical politics.
[cp]- abortion in the constitution: the wrong debate

[CP]- Abortion in the Constitution: The Wrong Debate

The French National Assembly is to examine tomorrow a law proposal tabled by LFI (La France Insoumise) suggesting that "Nobody may undermine the right for abortion and contraception. The law guarantees that any person who so wishes should have free and effective access to such rights." Alliance VITA denounces this as the wrong debate.
[press release] – 2nd november: 10 ideas from alliance vita for solidarity and against the drift towards euthanasia

[Press Release] – 2nd November: 10 Ideas from Alliance VITA for Solidarity and Against the Drift Towards Euthanasia

On the occasion of All Souls Day, Alliance VITA has re-issued its guide of 10 ideas for solidarity with old age, dependency and the end of life.
[press release]: abortion prevention policy urgently needed

[Press Release]: Abortion Prevention Policy Urgently Needed

The latest statistics in France confirm a persistent high abortion rate at 15.5 per thousand, over twice that of neighboring Germany.
[press release] – the ethics committee’s blatant contradiction on palliative care, assisted suicide and euthanasia

[Press Release] – The Ethics Committee’s Blatant Contradiction on Palliative Care, Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Alliance VITA denounces the disturbing and blatant contradictions in the end-of-life recommendation published today by the “CCNE” (French National Consultative Ethics Committee).
[press release] – calling for insurance companies, to consider their duty of discretion rather than pushing euthanasia

[Press Release] – Calling for Insurance Companies, to Consider Their Duty of Discretion Rather than Pushing Euthanasia

Alliance VITA denounces the inappropriate endorsement of euthanasia by French complementary health insurance companies and calls upon their duty of discretion  in view of the potential conflict of interest.

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