Born female: transgender ‘man’ is pregnant

Born as a female, Trystan Reese is a transgender American individual, due to give birth in July. He started taking hormones years ago, keeping the uterus intact, but stopped hormonal treatment when “he” learned “he” was pregnant.   The baby is due in July, and Trystan Reese explains the situation in a video.  Yet, several different […]

Fatherless ART: Awaiting Ethics Committee’s decision

During his press conference on June 7, 2017, Jean-François Delfraissy, as president of the French National Consultative Ethics Committee (“CCNE”) announced that the Committee will render its decision on the controversial subject of ART for single women and for lesbian partners by the end of the month. The new French president approves of assisted reproductive […]

End-of-Life: New French Guidelines

At the end of May the French Society for Counselling and Palliative Care (“SFAP”) published 4 documents on its website, which were submitted to the French National Authority for Health (HAS). The intended goal is to update Palliative Care guidelines, after the Claeys-Leonetti law was voted on February 2, 2016. These documents include three “benchmark […]

Assisted Reproductive Technology: 69-year-old Frenchman has sperm sent abroad

Following the court’s decision on June 7th, the Biomedical Agency has been ordered to allow a 69-year old man to be handed back his previously frozen gametes, for an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) with his 33-year old wife. Originally, when the wife encountered fertility problems, the couple contacted a clinic in the Parisian area for […]

[Press Release] End-of-Life: Utmost Vigilance for Highly Dependent Patients

Today, the French Constitutional Counsel ruled on three articles in the Public Health Code which had been contested by the National Union of Associations for Families with members with brain damage and cranial trauma: “UNAFTC”. This association submitted a preliminary issue of constitutionality to the Constitutional Counsel to emphasize the loopholes in the law, especially […]

Sperm Donor Anonymity to be Lifted in Germany

The German parliament has just approved a legislative text to create a central registry between sperm donors and female recipients. By 2018, every individual over age 16, conceived by artificial insemination with donor will have the right to access their ancestry file.  The records will be kept on file for 110 years. Approximately 1200 children […]

Euthanasia: Nursing Assistant Receives 25-Year Prison Term

On May 24th, the Criminal Court in the region of Savoie (French Alps) rendered its verdict for Ludivine Chambet, whose trial was held from 9th to 23rd May in Chambery.    Ludivine Chambet, who is accused of having poisoned 13 elderly patients, has been sentenced to 25 years of prison. The sentence also specifies 10 […]