Court of Cassation Undermines the Ban on Surrogacy [Press Release]

Cour de Cassation
Alliance VITA responds to the French Court of Cassation’s rulings of July 5, 2017 concerning surrogacy acts performed abroad, and recording the resulting births on the civil registry, with birth certificates and simple adoption declarations.   Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate : « Instead of retrospectively endorsing the practice of surrogacy, which is the equivalent […]

European Court rules to withdraw life-support for baby Charlie Gard

On June 28, 2017, the decision rendered by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) confirms the British courts’ ruling, thus authorizing withdrawal of life-support for Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old infant with a mitochondrial disease. Born on 4 August 2016, Charlie was diagnosed with a very rare and severe mitochondrial disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion […]

Number of abortions in France remains high for 2016

On June 26, the service in charge of statistics at the French National Health Ministry (the “Drees”) published the abortion statistics in France for 2016, noting a slight decrease. Although there has been a slight decline these past 3 years, the number of abortions has remained stable on an overall level, and significantly high over […]

[Press Release]: Alliance VITA protests fatherless ART

Alliance VITA takes note of the government’s reply to the French Ethics Advisory Committee’s (“CCNE”) following the latter’s convoluted and non-consensual announcement in favor of fatherless ART under certain conditions.  During Wednesday’s press conference, the government’s spokesman announced their desire “to convert the CCNE’s advice into a legislative viewpoint” and “to find the best legislative […]

Ethics Committee + ART: Convoluted and Non-consensual Announcement [Press Release]

By accepting that one can intentionally deprive a child from his father, the French National Consultative Ethics Committee (“CCNE”) seriously undermines children’s rights and the founding principles of French bioethics.  Caroline Roux, Helpline Center Coordinator declares:   « We are frequently faced with women who raise their child alone, due to accidental causes or painful situations. […]

« Right to have a Child »: Assessment by the French Chancellery

ministère justice
The Department for Legal Research and Justice of the French Chancellery has published an investigative report on continually emerging situations claiming “the right to have a child” and the subsequent consequences on parentage both in France and internationally.  The study sheds light on the legal contradictions which are looming on the horizon, whilst bringing fundamental […]

French Medical Academy in favor of egg freezing for non-medical purposes

On June 19, 2017, the French National Academy of Medicine published its report in favor of extending the law for extracting and preserving one’s oocytes (eggs) to include authorization for non-medical reasons. This would allow all women to have their eggs extracted and frozen in order to postpone childbearing to a later date.   Heretofore, […]