Hard pressure at the Council of Europe for surrogacy

During the commission’s meeting for social issues at the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe last April 20, the rapporteur for Surrogacy, Petra de Sutter (“Green” Environmentalist party, Belgium), whose report had been rejected last March 15, maneuvered the presentation of a new report with the support of the Commission’s new president. In a […]

Movement control with thoughts alone: hope for paralyzed individuals?

A young 24-year old American, Ian Burkhard, paralyzed following a diving accident 4 years ago, has succeeded in moving his right arm by his thoughts. Two years ago, Ian was lucky to be selected to participate in the testing of a new procedure aimed at healing paralysis, in collaboration with Ohio State University, USA. In […]

Human genome modification: European Group on Ethics calls for moratorium and public debate

Following the International Bioethics Committee for UNESCO calling for a moratorium on the DNA editing techniques on human embryos and human reproductive cells in October 2015, the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE)* published a report on genome modification which underlines the severity of the issues and requests political awareness and […]

National Center for End of Life: presidency appointment contested

Veronique-Fournier (sipa)
Dr. Véronique Fournier has just officially been appointed to the presidency of the new National Center for Palliative Care and End of Life, by a decree from the Health Minister, dated April 7, 2016 and published in the Official Journal on April 15. This organization, provided for by the 2015-2018 National Plan for Palliative Care, […]