European Court of Human Rights and Surrogacy: Human Rights Abuse

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On Thursday, July 21, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) condemned France for having refused registering civil status documents for birth certificates of children born abroad by surrogacy. This decision concerns the Foulon and Bouvet files, where men employed recourse to surrogate mothers in India. In two similar cases in 2013, the Cassation Court […]

Conscience clause for pharmacists

A draft reform for the pharmacists’ code of ethics has generated an unexpected controversy in the past few days on whether a conscience clause is necessary in their ethical code. This reform is currently being implemented by the National Council for the Order of Pharmacists. The code of ethics, applicable for all pharmacists, lists the […]

Sex-selective abortions in India: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft accused

Femme Indienne Enceinte
The Supreme Court in India has accused Google, Yahoo and Microsoft research engines of failing to keep out ads promoting sex selection kits since such ads are forbidden in India. The Supreme Court has requested for the Indian government and the owners of the Internet search engines to find a technical solution to prevent such […]

Abrogation of circular on Medically Assisted Procreation: abusive statements contrary to the child’s interest

The President of the French Republic announced this past June 30th, his desire to repeal a circular reminding gynecologists not to encourage Medically assisted procreation (MAP) abroad since it is forbidden in France. The French Minister for Families, Laurence Rossignol, who is strongly opposed to this circular, was nonetheless published by her colleague, Marisol Touraine, Minister […]