[Press Release]: Obstruction to Abortion: « The truth will prevail! »

The French Senate just voted an amended text on numerical obstruction to abortion, broadening this offence to include any means of “pressure” opposing abortion on anyone searching for information on abortion. Alliance VITA (whose SOS baby crisis center was cited several times by the media) blames the government and the MPs for censuring those who […]

[Press Release] Numerical Obstruction to Abortion: government information must not deceive women

By voting the new legislation on numerical obstruction to abortion to ban online sites opposing abortion, the deputies seriously infringe the freedom of expression. Alliance VITA, whose SOS Baby crisis line was mentioned by several different media sources, blames the government for censuring those who refuse to trivialize abortion. It is unfair to target specific […]

[Press Release] Numerical Obstruction to Abortion – press conference

conf de presse1
Via this press conference on the eve of the first debate on numerical obstruction to abortion, which the government decided to examine in an accelerated procedure, Alliance VITA is willing to share its expertise on this subject, which is often badly handled. Tugdual Derville, the association’s General Delegate, showed the gap between the government’s attitude, […]

[Press Release] Alliance VITA launches an unprecedented information campaign to reduce abortion focusing on men’s opinion

On Tuesday November 29, 2017 Alliance VITA launched throughout France an unusual survey and information campaign investigating on men’s opinion on abortion. It was held in the streets with over 600 female volunteers from Alliance VITA and on the web via a dedicated site created to clear up the misunderstandings: levonslesmalentendus.alliancevita.org. And what if men […]

[Press Release] Right wing primary elections: an absurd debate on abortion, disconnected with reality

The exchange of mutual insults between the two final candidates on the subject of abortion is outrageous for a French political debate. It shows the extent to which libertarian ideology has been preventing for years an honest debate on the prevention of abortion. When approximately 40% of French women have aborted at least once in […]

“Numerical Obstruction” to abortion: Alliance VITA denounces French government’s irresponsibility

Alliance VITA is critical of the French government’s relentless haste on the abortion issue, endorsed by the socialist party, obstinately insisting on passing legislation for a new penalty against numerical obstruction, by accusing “false Internet sites” of ostensibly deceiving women.   The text to be examined by an accelerated procedure on December 1st claims that […]