[Press Release] Euthanasia, advance directives and sedation: stop the government’s amalgam

campagne parlons fin de vie
Alliance VITA believes the government’s new public awareness campaign for the end-of-life attests to the widening differences between the new law and problems surrounding this issue in France. In Alliance Vita’s opinion, the campaign launched on Monday and supervised by the National Center for Palliative Care: -does not truly address the subject matter since it […]

[Press Release] Numerical obstruction to Abortion: VITA appeals the administrative court

vote final delit d'entrave IVG assemblée nationale
While the French National Assembly has just adopted a law for extending the scope of numerical obstruction to abortion, Alliance VITA has filed suit in Paris against the Health Minister for the inexact or biased information published on the government’s official abortion website. Particularly at issue is a video entitled « Are there any psychological […]

Dutch doctors oppose euthanasia for dementia

In the Netherlands at least 350 doctors have already signed a petition refusing euthanasia for persons with advanced dementia.   The petition reads as follows: “Give mortal injections to patients with advanced dementia solely based on advance declarations? To individuals who cannot confirm whether or not they want to die? No, we do refuse. Our moral […]

Numerical obstruction to abortion: Senate exams the bill, after being rejected by the commission

The draft law for widening the charges for numerical obstruction to abortion is scheduled to be examined again by the French Senate on Tuesday, February 14. On February 8, during the second reading, the text was not adopted by the Senate Social Affairs Committee, following joint committee’s failure to reach an agreement. Since the French […]

Justice orders continuing health care for baby Marwa

600__timone-marwa-Alliance VITA
On Wednesday February 7, the administrative court in Marseilles issued a court order to continue health care for one-year old baby Marwa, who had been put in an induced coma at the Timone hospital. After an aggressive enterovirus attacked her nervous system, Marwa was first taken to Lenval hospital in Nice before being transported by […]

More Screening to Select Embryos?

tri embryonnaire
Deputy Jean-Yves Le Déaut filed a new draft bill on November 16, 2016 aimed at extending indications for preimplantation diagnosis. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) consists in performing in-vitro genetic analysis on embryos, by withdrawing several individual cells in order to detect chromosomal abnormalities and if indicated, choose not to perform in utero embryo transfer, and […]

Human-animal Chimeras: who knows where embryo manipulation will stop?

Scientists have now created mixed human/animal embryo chimeras reports the American journal Cell. Their stated objective is to be able to grow human organs inside animals for organ transplants. The technique uses totipotent human stem cells (from human embryos or reprogrammed somatic cells): master cells which can produce any kind of tissue or organ. These […]