Undetected Down’s syndrome: Limoges Hospital Convicted

Trisomie 21
  On April 20, 2017, the Limoges Hospital was convicted for not having diagnosed Down’s syndrome in a baby girl prior to her birth in 2010. The parents of baby girl Maylis, who has Down’s syndrome, have been attempting for several years to press charges against the hospital. They accuse the doctor of not having […]

« Essure® »: Controversial Female Sterilization Device

“Essure” is a small metallic coil-shaped birth control device which is permanently inserted into each fallopian tube. The resulting inflammation and scar tissue build-up thus creates a barrier, which theoretically provides permanent female sterilization. Numerous adverse side-effects have been reported including device migration, organ perforation, and persistent pain. In December 2016, two patients filed lawsuits, […]

Understanding Alliance VITA’s trend indicator for biopolitical issues

  Henri de Soos, Alliance VITA’s General Secretary answers 4 questions regarding the significance and the scope of this political trend indicator. The trend indicator is a simple tool, often used by several organizations throughout this presidential election period. Using a comparative table with clearly formulated language, the prior position for each candidate or his future […]

Euthanasia: Completely Biased Opinion Poll to Influence Presidential Campaign

Sondage euthanasie
On March 18, 2017, the Association for the Right to Die in Dignity published its latest survey, carried out by the IFOP institute. The association thus proclaimed that: “95% of French citizens are in favor of euthanasia”. Those who ordered the survey to be conducted then used this statistic to pressure presidential election candidates. The […]

Numerical obstruction to Abortion: French Constitutional Council defends freedom of expression

The March 20, 2017 law concerning numerical obstruction to abortion was validated by the Constitutional Council, but with some serious reservations which in retrospect confirms some protests that the text was a deliberate infringement of freedom of expression and information. On February 16, 2017, the National Assembly passed the final version of the law, via […]

French Presidential Elections: Alliance VITA on the Campaign Trail in over 200 Cities

Tractage Présidentielle 2017
Alliance VITA is continuing its awareness campaign and distributing flyers throughout France when it has also published an e-reader document taking stock of François Hollande’s 5-year term of office. Alliance VITA lists more than 30 destructive measures, which penalize families and attack every stage of human life. VITA invite individuals to cast their vote for […]

Down syndrome: Parents press charges against Limoges Hospital

Trisomie 21
This past March 30, 2017, the French administrative court in Limoges examined the case of a couple who gave birth to a child with Down’s syndrome in 2010. The parents accuse the doctor for not diagnosing their child’s handicap. Pregnant with her third child, a mother had the Down’s syndrome screening test performed at 14 […]