Trisomy 21: new tests using maternity blood being questioned

Hand with latex glove holding blood sample vial in front of blood test form
In a press release dated November 18, 2015, the Supreme Health Authority published their first report on the performance of new tests using « Non-invasive Prenatal Screening” for Trisomy 21, which examines maternal blood for fetal DNA sequences from chromosome 21. These new tests could modify screening methods: studies are being carried out in France and […]

Quebec: Palliative Care plan crippled by euthanasia

One month before the entry into force of the new law on care for the end of life and on « medical help to die », which will legalize euthanasia voted in June 2014, the Quebec Health Minister, M. Barrette, announced on November 16, 2015 a plan for Palliative Care 2015-2020. This plan has nine priorities, among […]

Warning: Urgent mobilization needed against Gestational Surrogacy at European Counsel

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in July 2014, addressed a draft Resolution (Doc. 13562) on “Human Rights and ethical questions related to gestational surrogacy”. A preliminary report and a draft resolution will be presented for vote by the members of the social issues commission on Monday, November 23 in Paris. The Resolution […]

Abortion: government website video stirs up controversy

Close-up of a sad and depressed woman deep in though outdoors.
In an on-line video on the government’s website which professes to advise women about abortion, an obstetrician gynecologist, Dr Philippe Faucher, affirms that abortion does not lead to long-term psychological side-effects, speaking of studies but neglecting to cite them. However the High Authority on Healthcare, cited in the (IGAS) report on the prevention of non-desired […]