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germany : doctors are calling for greater means for suicide prevention

Germany : Doctors are Calling for Greater Means For Suicide Prevention

During the World Suicide Prevention Day, Bundesärtzkammer, the German medical association, praised the resolution ...
reminder of the law in quebec following the strong rise in euthanasia

Reminder of the Law in Quebec Following the Strong Rise in Euthanasia

The Commission on end-of-life care has called upon doctors in Quebec practicing euthanasia, officially designated ...
the shocking fiasco of a euthanasia in belgium

The Shocking Fiasco of a Euthanasia in Belgium

On 6th September 2023, Sudinfo revealed that a Belgian woman in her thirties suffering from terminal cancer had ...

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In our society, scientific advances and the changing of mentalities have weakened the fundamental rights of the unheard and under-protected: children, the elderly, disabled persons, and all the most vulnerable. We take action to protect them.

We are keenly aware of life’s trials, which is why we provide support services with SOS Bébé and SOS Fin de vie.

We’ve helped to support 30,000 people over the course of 20 years, making our bioethics expertise both unique and renowned.

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