An association for human dignity

Alliance VITA is an association which was founded in France in 1993 as the first bioethical laws were introduced.

The association acts on two principle axes:

  • Aid for persons confronted with life’s trials and tribulations.
  • Raising awareness among policymakers and the public to protect human life.

Listen & Help

  • Coordinated by professionals, these listening and accompaniment services are provided by several dozen trained and supervised volunteers.
  • SOS Baby for questions related to maternity: difficult or unplanned pregnancy, pre- or post-natal mourning, the announcement of a handicapped child, miscarriage, voluntary and/or medical interruption of pregnancy, infertility or… (www.sosbebe.org)
  • SOS End of life for questions related to serious illness or death : risk of unreasonable therapeutic obstinacy, euthanasia, burn-out of loved ones or care-takers, mourning, suicide : (www.sosfindevie.org)

Inform & Train

training cycle and 1st national bioethics event, organized each year in January by Alliance VITA, has already gathered and trained more than 36,000 people in major bioethics issues.

The bioethics conference, “Université de la vie”, was first launched in 2015 in Zurich, Rome, London, Brussels and New York.

Alert & Raise awareness

Alliance VITA raises awareness among policymakers and the general public using national and international information campaigns.

Objective: create awareness in favor of protecting life, of respecting human dignity and of protecting children.

Alliance VITA is regularly consulted by public authorities and government bodies on bioethical and end-of-life issues.

Course of action: publications, articles, stands, conferences and debates, meetings, testimonies, and collaboration with scientific, medical, and legal experts and social institutions.

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