Survey: Gestational surrogacy not a priority for Belgians

While the Belgian Senate has been examining for several months a report concerning gestational surrogacy, a survey by the Institute for Dedicated Research reveals that for the majority of Belgians this question is not a political priority.

This survey, sponsored by Action for the Family – Actie voor het Gezin, equally reveals that 57% of those questioned were not in favor of this practice. Without being formally forbidden, gestational surrogacy is practiced in a limited manner in three reproductive centers. Between 150 and 200 children have been born in 20 years.

The group of women from the central party (Humanistic Central Democrats) has clearly expressed their opposition to all legalization, in a forum a few days ago which appears in the Libre Belgique.

However the legalization of gestational surrogacy is not on the legislative agenda in Belgium. Since the last State reform (2012), the Senate no longer has the power of initiative legislation: this report appears to be a form of pressure on the House of Representatives.


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