November 2nd: Euthanasia Lobby Recuperating All Souls Day is contemptible


On November 2nd, the day in honor of the memory of the deceased, Alliance VITA denounces the contemptible recuperation of this day of reverence by the Association for the right to die in dignity who intends to use this day to promote euthanasia.

This symbolic day reserved for the private lives of grieving families, where many decorate the tombs of their loved ones with flowers, is meant to be a moment of truce, exempt from any political and ideological exploitation.

To provide better assistance to people at the important moment of « passing » without jeopardizing their life, is first of all committing to deep solidarity so that they will be accompanied to the end. Those at the end of life and their loved ones need to have this intimate solidarity: this is highlighted by the experience of the listening service SOS Fin de vie (SOS End of Life), launched over 10 years ago by Alliance VITA.

If France truly wants to help people die in dignity the development of palliative care should remain a priority.

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