Warning: Urgent mobilization needed against Gestational Surrogacy at European Counsel

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in July 2014, addressed a draft Resolution (Doc. 13562) on “Human Rights and ethical questions related to gestational surrogacy”.

A preliminary report and a draft resolution will be presented for vote by the members of the social issues commission on Monday, November 23 in Paris. The Resolution – whose content is still confidential – should be submitted for a final vote at the Plenary Assembly in Strasbourg at the beginning of January.

No Maternity Traffic, of which Alliance VITA is an active member, warns about the dangers of this report and asks the deputies of the Council of Europe to firmly oppose this attempt to impose the liberalization of Gestational Surrogacy in Europe.

Alliance VITA invites you to sign and endorse No Maternity Traffic’s European petition, which already has 95,000 signatures, to ask for a universal ban on gestational surrogacy. Every signature bears weight before the Council of Europe who must vote on this report at the beginning of 2016. To sign, click here.

Excerpt from the Press Release:

No Maternity Traffic is concerned about the orientation of this text, which accepts the practice of Gestational Surrogacy and proposes recommendations in this direction. Under the cover “of providing framework” for Surrogacy, such a resolution would validate the actual principle of Gestational Surrogacy.  

No Maternity Traffic denounces that neither an association specialized in women’s rights nor the rights of children, nor any citizen’s movement were auditioned.  

No Maternity Traffic is astonished that the drafting of this Resolution was confided to a gestational surrogacy activist. Indeed, as a gynecologist specialized in reproductive medicine, Petra De Sutter performs Gestational Surrogacies (1) taking advantage of the lack of clarity in the Belgian legislation.

Furthermore, she actually helps bypassing the ban on Gestational Surrogacy in Europe by accepting among her clients citizens of countries where Surrogacy is banned, notably French citizens.

The Resolution – whose content remains confidential – should be submitted for the final vote at the plenary Assembly at the beginning of January 2016, in Strasbourg.

This Resolution will have an important influence on the European Court of Human Rights’ decisions and on the current work at the Hague Conference.”


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