100% reimbursement for abortions creates a discrimination against pregnancies

The Official Journal today published the decree applying 100% reimbursement to the necessary steps for having an abortion (consultations, analysis, ultrasounds). This measure has been listed in the guidelines of a national plan for access to abortion, launched last year by the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine.

Biological exams, ultrasounds or consultations to give informed consent for abortion will therefore entirely be paid for by the State starting on April 1, 2016. This measure leads to a unsettling prejudice between acts of abortion and continuation of pregnancy, since for example, the first 2 ultrasounds before the 5th month of pregnancy are only 70% reimbursed.

Alliance VITA emphasizes the urgency of a real prevention policy for abortion. Yet we are witnessing irresponsibility on the part of public authorities and society. Informing women faced with unplanned or difficult pregnancies of the types of aid that they have a right to, is however, essential for abortion not to become a fatality.


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