Surrogacy at the Council of Europe: women’s rights are at risk

On March 8, International Day for Women, Alliance VITA has launched an alert against a serious back step which threatens women and their rights. Next March 15, the parliamentarians of the Council of Europe will be voting, during the Committee on social Affairs, a draft resolution which could lead to the liberalization of surrogacy. Because the practice of surrogacy exploits the woman’s body as an object and constitutes a form of slavery of human beings, it must be universally forbidden.

According to Caroline Roux, Director of VITA International, « it is very important that the European citizens look at the issue and make their voices heard. The Council of Europe would no longer be ensuring its’ role if it tramples Human rights.

The practice of surrogacy is particularly serious : on the one hand, it exploits women and puts them under the domination of the intended parents; on the other hand, it programs a child who will be separated, by contract, from the mother who carried and gave birth to him, thereby disrespecting the rights of the child. The suffering of certain couples faced with infertility should not let one forget that this is a violence committed against women and a unique form of mistreatment to children that no law can rectify. The only real response to give on an international level is to forbid surrogacy in a universal manner as has already been the case for cloning or for slavery of human being”.

For this event, Alliance VITA desires to alert citizens and public authorities:

  • Our « Decoder » which brings to light international ethical issues for this practice.

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Active support and participation to the call by the collective group

No Maternity Traffic requesting the universal abolition of surrogacy.


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