The Human Brain Project in the operational phase


The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a large European study and modeling project of the human brain which, by the year 2024, aims to simulate human brain function thanks to a “supercomputer”. Fifty percent of this project is supported and financed by the European Union. It aims to better understand brain function and help progressing in neuroscience. “The long-term objective is also to find treatments against diseases which are affected by this and are a heavy burden for society”, specifies the French neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux.

Those in charge of the brain research program piloted by the Lausanne Polytechnic School (EPFL) announced the beginning of their collaborative platforms. These instruments open to the scientific community will allow data sharing and compilation, access to tools and simulations on the brain. “Supercomputers” all over Europe were added to the network. In total, six research platforms were created: the first one is dedicated to data recording and analysis in neurosciences; the second to reconstruction and brain simulation; the third to large quantities of data processing; the fourth to brain disease research thanks to real patients data analysis; the fifth to programming computer systems to imitate brain microchips; and, finally, the last one aims to connect virtual models of brains to robots.


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