Press Release: 2 draft bills rejected – alarming sign of inertia in response to development of ultra-liberal market


The rejection of two draft bills aiming to strengthen the ban on surrogacy is an alarming sign of immobility at a time when it is urgent to fight against surrogacy in Europe and in the world. Alliance VITA asks the government to commit into effective provisions on an international scale to protect women and children.    

The rejection of these two draft bills* on June 21st at the French National Assembly comes at a time when the principle of banning surrogacy has been undermined in France and in Europe throughout these past years, whereas the European Parliament had just recently condemned all forms of surrogacy by a large majority vote.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate states: “We regret that besides a few exceptions a partisan stronghold has materialized today around a subject which should incite consensus, since from an official standpoint, France is opposed to the practice of surrogacy. Why is the government so passive when the Prime Minister formally committed more than 600 days ago to passing such legislation? We are still waiting for the promised diplomatic provisions, first for resisting the import market of surrogacy and to sound an international warning on the indignity of this practice that seriously violates Human Rights. In any event, we take note of these parliamentary opposition initiatives. It is up to them to confirm this objective by including it in the presidential agenda. Only in this way the childhood protection will become a political priority.”  

Today this debate is also being carried out at an international level.

In fact the same day at the Council of Europe, a new report project and draft resolution study was presented on ethical issues related to surrogacy and Human Rights. It concerns a very controversial study in terms of its content as well as of the procedure which is completely lacking in clearness and transparency.

Caroline Roux, Director at Vita International, reminds: «On an international level, France is expected to pronounce an opinion. Who will protect women everywhere from the ultra liberal market and from using their bodies as instruments? Who will protect children from the inherent abuse resulting from this rupture in maternity and its resulting traffic? Keep in mind that having recourse to surrogate mothers constitutes a serious infringement of women’s and children’s rights and the Council of Europe must guarantee the respect of human rights. Countries such as India, Mexico, Nepal and Thailand are currently revising their legislation, realizing that women are exploited in an inhumane manner in their countries. This should be encouraged by the French people.”    

Alliance VITA is actively involved in the No Maternity Traffic petition, obtaining more than 100,000 European signatures demanding an international prohibition of surrogacy.


*Reminder for the two draft bills:

  • The first bill aimed at obtaining constitutional recognition for the principle of the inalienability of the human body.
  • The second draft bill aimed at fighting against surrogacy. It would reinforce criminal offences, mainly against the intermediaries promoting surrogacy. The bill would specify that foreign civil status registers would not be recognized in France for cases where surrogacy is practiced abroad. It also recommends that France propose adopting an international convention banning reproductive and gestational surrogacy.

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