2016 Abortion Survey: nearly 10% of high school students in Paris and in the region Ile de France have aborted


The French Student Health Insurance System (SMEREP), which regularly publishes health surveys on high school and college students, is sounding an alarm concerning student’s recourse to abortion, especially within the Paris region.

The 2016 study « Health of High School and College Students » conducted by the Opinion Way Institute reveals that 5% of French college students have aborted at least once (sometimes 3 times). For high school students the figure is 6% (with some having aborted twice). This latter figure jumps to 10% within the region of Paris. The same study shows that 31% of high school students have taken the “morning after” pill.

Mr. Faivre, who is responsible for prevention at the SMEREP stated in this report: “The SMEREP wants to warn about these situations experienced by young women as a result of an abortion, and on the subsequent psychological consequences, which are sometimes very serious”.

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