[Press Release] Numerical obstruction to abortion: need for a thorough non-biased discussion


On September 28, French Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights Laurence Rossignol, plans to announce a number of actions which the government will take before the end of the current legislative period, against Internet sites which, in her opinion, are doing «numerical obstruction to abortion”.

For Alliance VITA, the way the government has been dealing with the abortion issue for the past few years, is a sign of increasing frustration.

This is confirmed by:

– The erratic government statements and the latest reforms with no prior debate or study on their impact. For instance, the elimination of the “week’s waiting period for reflection ” before an abortion, whereas even in 2015, for every 4 births there was an abortion performed (or 218,000 abortions for 810,000 births).

– The information has completely deteriorated during the past 15 years. Since it was launched in 2013, the abortion section on the Health Ministry’s website, gives absolutely no information on financial aid or assistance for pregnant women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Alliance VITA continues to emphasize the urgent need for a genuine prevention policy for abortion, notably by informing about the benefits and support to which pregnant women are entitled.

Caroline Roux, coordinator for the Alliance Vita crisis centers, states:

« A genuine sign of progress would be a prevention policy to reduce social pressure, especially the pressure male partners exert on women, pushing them to abort against their will.”

Alliance VITA requests that the French government stop discriminating against women who want to carry their pregnancy to term.

All medical acts related to abortion are 100% paid for by national health insurance, including all consultations, sonograms, blood tests, and biological testing. Whereas for a pregnant women: only the first 2 sonograms before the end of the 5th month of pregnancy are reimbursed at 70% of their cost, and the other medical costs are only reimbursed at the usual rates for public health insurance. (cf. decree March 8, 2016).

Alliance VITA’s General Delegate, Tugdual Derville states:

« France needs to have a public discussion on abortion policies and abortion prevention: a non-biased, thorough discussion which would take into account the real experience of women. After every abortion, there is a feeling of failure, and oftentimes personal suffering which cannot be taken lightly since it impacts the destiny of several human lives.”

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