[Press Release] medical abortion: women have a right to be accurately informed


Today in France the Foundation for the Future and the researchers at INSERM (French Medical Research Institute) published the results for their study criticizing the lack of information on the side-effects of drug-induced “medical” abortions. Finally the truth has been revealed on this abortion technique which was unjustly portrayed for years as being “less traumatizing”. Following a drug-induced abortion 27% of women signaled having “very severe pain” (8 on a scale of 10); and one third of the women reported “worrisome” or “very worrisome” hemorrhaging. The study recommended stronger pain management protocols.

Caroline Roux, Alliance VITA’s coordinator for the crisis line listening service declares:

« Why hide the intensity of the drug- induced abortion side effects? Women have a right to receive complete and honest information.

For several years, we have been requesting a study on the real consequences that follow an abortion. We are regularly confronted with suffering women who were told that drug-induced abortion was simple and painless. They become very anxious when they experience symptoms of pain and bleeding but also psychological and emotional distress.

We are astounded by the silence in the medical community and the lying about this method of abortion when it is portrayed to women as being less traumatizing.

We regularly receive calls, on week-ends or in the evening, from women who are left on their own at home, alone, after having an abortion outside of the hospital, at a doctor’s office or family planning center. We are well aware of the time pressure for this abortion method. It is practiced before 7 weeks of pregnancy (and as early as 5 weeks if performed outside the hospital) which forces women to make a quick decision, without having a period of reflection, especially if they suffer from outside pressure or domestic violence. Yet the psychological violence that leads to aborting is completely occulted.”

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate states:

« Our government which plans to criminalize websites opposing abortion should seriously reflect on its own information policy.

In the government’s website, a video shows a gynecologist attesting that abortion leaves no long-term psychological side effects.

Rather than political grandstanding on a hypothetical offense, having in mind to gag any opposition to trivializing abortion, the public authorities should give priority to giving complete and honest information to women.

  • Studies conducted on the physiological and also the psychological side effects of abortion are urgently needed. As mentioned by the French National Authority for Health, objective data is lacking.
  • A genuine prevention policy for abortion is urgently needed, particularly by publishing information on subventions and rights for pregnant women. Since 2010, this has been Alliance VITA’s mission of public service to make up for the governmental policy’s shortfalls. “

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