Surrogacy: « Extraordinary Conceptions » Agency: gaining ground in France with impunity

It is unlawful to practice surrogacy in France. But in spite of this, foreigners arrive on a regular basis proposing different techniques for individuals or couples wishing to “buy” a child although this “business” is forbidden here.

Their services include searching and contacting foreign surrogate mothers, buying ovocytes, organizing gamete transfer, managing contracts and administrative procedures, repatriating the baby, payments, etc.

Based in the USA, « Extraordinary Conceptions » is one of the most well-known international companies, with a French-speaking answering service via their website: The agency’s catalog promotes more than 2000 egg donors from 18-32 years old, “from different ethical backgrounds”, and an on-line data base of surrogate mothers.

Already In 2014, charges were filed against this agency, following a meeting organized in Paris, when a young 30-year old female who took part in the meeting provided the evidence needed to support the claim, including a video.

Nevertheless, the agency has announced, apparently in complete impunity, upcoming meetings to be held on 9-10 May, in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles, France. This information has also been promoted via their Twitter account.

Alliance VITA requests that public authorities act decisively against this type of agency from doing illegal business in the country.


For further information

See Decoder # 39 for Alliance VITA’s viewpoint – “What are the stakes involved in Surrogacy in France”.


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