[Press Release] Alliance VITA Will Launch National Campaign in November to Protect Children’s Best Interest


Even prior to the major associations’ hearing at the French National Assembly (Alliance VITA will only be auditioned on Wednesday, October 24th), Agnès Buzyn has already announced that the new bioethics bill will allow ART without a father, for single women and female couples.

Alliance VITA has decided to react vigorously to protect children’s rights and their best interests. In opposition to ART promoters, who demand to relinquish the criterion of medical infertility and exclude the father, Alliance VITA asserts that the French people are overwhelmingly and deeply attached to the father’s role, and for a child born via ART to be guaranteed the right to have both a father and a mother (IFOP survey, June 2018).

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate states:

“Just a few months before the European elections, the French President cannot overlook the risk of provoking a clash in society due to deeply divided opinions. Macron cannot disregard the fact that only a small minority lobbies to relinquish the infertility criteria and accept ART without a male partner. This minority has already spoken out with masculine claims for surrogacy, although this practice essentially treats women’s bodies as instruments, exploited as suppliers of raw materials. Following Mrs. Buzyn’s announcements, our teams will organize widespread campaigns throughout France as early as November, to protect children’s rights and their best interests. ”

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