[Press Release] European elections: Alliance VITA calls for a focus on “Fragile Generations”


On 28 April, 2019, Alliance VITA launched a European awareness campaign about Vulnerable Generations. This initiative raises European candidates’ awareness on the social and humanitarian challenges that all European countries are now facing. A recent IFOP opinion poll shows that German and French citizens call for a more “human and social” Europe than an “economic and financial” one.

Challenged with population ageing throughout the continent, Europe must also deal with demographic decline. Since contributions from the younger generations are as important as the older generations’, it is crucial to actively promote intergenerational solidarity and fellowship.


Intergenerational Solidarity demanded by both French and German Citizens

Intergenerational solidarity and fellowship is the key message which stands out from the IFOP opinion poll on European demographic issues for France and Germany on Alliance VITA’s initiative and published on 28 April 2019.

The vast majority of French and German citizens urge the upcoming European elections (26 May 2019) to concentrate on encouraging intergenerational fellowship and promoting different means to accompany and support those who are no longer autonomous. The director of the “IFOP” opinion department, Jérôme Fourquet, emphasizes: “Although the French and Germans have similar opinions on ageing, their respective views on natality are very different.” The opinion poll shows that 52% of French people declare being fearful about the future compared to only 36% in Germany.

More importantly, and consistently with the opinions expressed during the recent French national debate, the vast majority of French citizens (78%) think that European policies have been overly concentrated on economics and finances and not enough on humane and social issues. Despite having a very different economic and social context in their country, an overwhelming majority of Germans (71%) have voiced their agreement with the French on this aspect.


10 Proposals for European Intergenerational Solidarity and Fellowship

Since Europe’s genuine wealth is embodied by its citizens, men and women, Alliance VITA decided to formulate ten different proposals in favor of the support and protection of vulnerable generations in France and all around Europe for voters and candidates to reflect upon. The content is available on the Internet, as well as by informational leaflets which will be distributed in 140 different cities by more than 1,100 Alliance VITA volunteers.

For Alliance VITA this also represents an occasion to sound the French’s opinion on intergenerational solidarity and fellowship. Personalized postcards will also be distributed to send to an acquaintance from another generation as a gesture of solidarity.

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