[Press Release] Bioethics Bill: Alliance VITA Plans More Action


The result of the recent examination of the French bioethics law by the Senate shows that this law cannot be simply amended.

The Senators must vote on the amended text in a plenary session scheduled for February 4. Ethics is supposed to protect human rights, life and human dignity but never before has a text on bioethics been so far removed from ethics,

Caroline Roux, Alliance VITA’s Assistant General Delegate declares:

The text of the senators turns out to be full of contradictions and presents a concept of ethics that varies according to man’s desires. Although we appreciate the attempts made to amend the draft law, obviously the senators have failed to consider the overall implications of this bill which promises ensuing episodes of discrimination and injustice.

An inconsistent law for Alliance VITA

  • How is it possible to assert that “no one has the right to a child”, and in the following article to propose ART with a donor to any woman without a male partner? In so doing “ART without a father” is instituted, de facto, and at the same time, ART for heterosexual couples is made possible for medical reasons only. Completely irrational. And the ultimate paradox is that the couples confronted with infertility are facing the greatest discrimination. Worse, the national research infertility program, which was added to the text by the National Assembly to study the causes and prevention of infertility, has disappeared from the bill.
  • How is it possible to pretend that the anonymity for donors is lifted, and at the same to allow the donor to choose whether or not to reveal his identity when the child requests it when he is 18? This is a ticking time bomb extremely detrimental to the child.
  • How can human embryos be given their due and rightful consideration, while the maximum period for cultivating an embryo is extended to 21 days, and the creation of transgenic and chimeric embryos is authorized?
  • The senators finally ruled against the ultra-eugenic technique, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). Nevertheless, they reinstated the use of “saviour babies”, despite the fact that the deputies had rightly voted to put an end to this practice. This shows that the senators are unable to assess this bill and to criticize the decisions which are absolutely contrary to ethics.


Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate declares:

This confirms the warnings we voiced when the consultative process began. After initially being scoffed at, these warnings are now widely accepted. As it stands now, the bill is a serious back slide. Senators are usually known for their wisdom, and they now have a serious responsibility towards future generations. If they vote this text as it is, we will ask the National Assembly to improve it at the second reading, or the government to withdraw the bill. For future generations, we shall continue to voice our protest.

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