[Press Release] – 2nd November: 10 Ideas from Alliance VITA for Solidarity and Against the Drift Towards Euthanasia


On the occasion of All Souls Day, Alliance VITA has re-issued its guide of 10 ideas for solidarity with old age, dependency and the end of life.

Whilst the high-risk debate is open on the end of life, this guide is an invitation for solidarity and mutual aid against the risk of drifting towards euthanasia, and in support of renewed bereavement rites.

10 idees

It is through its “SOS Fin de vie” (SOS end of life) hotline that Alliance VITA bases its thinking and its modes of action in support of the most vulnerable. These ten ideas constitute a tool for one and every to become involved in practical terms with the aged, the dependent or those during their end-of-life. Beyond the responsibilities incumbent upon the public services, anyone can be active by helping and accompanying those suffering from isolation. All the possibilities put forward in this guide, from the simplest to the most demanding, materialize this commitment to the aged and the sick:

  1. Giving and asking for news
  2. Visiting the sick
  3. Listening, listening and again, listening
  4. Not hiding the truth
  5. Never ceasing to consider each person as a living human being
  6. Daring to mix generations
  7. Living the rites of bereavement
  8. Mentioning the departed
  9. Supporting carers
  10. Volunteering as a palliative carer

Tugdual Derville, the spokesman for Alliance VITA concludes: “In confrontation with the “euthanasia lobby” which for several years has been “instrumentalizing” All Souls Day, we are asking for a solidary transition, in other words the choice of a society founded on mutual aid and solidarity rather than introvert individualism and the cult of autonomy and performance. Better accompaniment for the aged, the sick or during the end-of-life, involves first and foremost a firm commitment for them to be accompanied right up to the endIt also means encouraging the true rites of bereavement.”

Click here for the guide of 10 solidary ideas.

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