[CP] – Abortion in the Constitution: A Confiscated Debate Far from Reality


The French Parliament has just adopted on first reading the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution. Once again, the subject of abortion has been instrumentalised by the political parties in a game of tactical politics. There was no true debate, merely discussions totally disconnected from the reality of abortion and what many women have to endure.

Whereas France is experiencing a difficult economic and social situation, the priority should be above all to support the French population, which has been totally evaded by the majority of parliamentarians.

Caroline Roux, the Deputy General Manager of Alliance VITA and hot line coordinator makes the point: “At Alliance VITA we are witness to the fact that not all women abort freely and by choice. Many of them abort against their will, under pressure from their partner, their family circle or their economic situation. The deafening silence surrounding these obscured situations is a serious injustice. By claiming abortion as a right, situations are being ignored despite their being known by the authorities: The poorest women resort most often to abortion. Moreover, at no moment during the debate was any mention made of the link between violence and repetitive abortions although this has been confirmed by studies.

We are counting on the Senate not to give in on what appears as a headlong rush: It is time to face up to reality and analyse the causes, the conditions and the consequences of abortions over the last 20 years in order to develop a true policy for prevention. That would contribute to solving a large number of personal tragedies, by providing appropriate support for women wishing to avoid abortion.”

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