[Press release]-Doctor, do I Have the Right to Live a Little Longer? Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Uncovered


Just over a month after the launch of the citizens’ convention on the end of life, Tugdual Derville, who is spokesman for Alliance VITA entered the debate with an essay titled Doctor, do I Have the Right to Live a Little Longer?, to be published by Salvator on 19th January.

Based on meetings with suffering patients, carers and political personalities, as well as media confrontations with fervent supporters of euthanasia, this incisive book is both a personal testimony and a solidly argued manifest which reveals the firm commitment of the author in defence of the most vulnerable. With great clarity, Tugdual Derville deconstructs the pseudo-freedom put forward by the defenders of a so-called “right to choose one’s death”: in truth, he points out, it represents a serious threat against the most vulnerable.

Presentation of the author of Doctor, Do I Have the Right to Live a Little Longer?

Tugdual Derville is an author, spokesman for Alliance VITA, co-initiator of the movement for human ecology, and founder of “À bras ouverts” (With open arms), an association supporting handicapped children. He has also written La bataille de l’euthanasie : Enquête sur les sept affaires qui ont bouleversé la France (The Battle Against Euthanasia: Enquiry into the Seven Cases which Deeply Affected France) (Salvator, 2012) ; Le temps de l’homme (The Time for Man) (Plon, 2016) ; Nouvelles recettes de bonheur : 71 actions d’écologie humaine (New Recipes for Happiness: 71 Human Ecology Actions) (Emmanuel, 2020).

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