[Press release] Abortion in the Constitution: Alliance VITA Deplores the Vote by the Senate


Abortion: Alliance VITA deplores the vote by the French Senate

The Senate has just adopted the bill aimed at introducing a “right” to abortion in the constitution by modifying the initial text to register in the constitution the “freedom for women” to resort to abortion. Alliance VITA deplores this vote which does no favours to women nor to democracy. Alliance VITA denounces the incoherence of the Senate which rejected the text in commission and had already rejected the first similar bill in November 2022.

Constitutionalising abortion represents a breakaway from the principle of respect for life registered under article 16 of the civil code. As an example, it is conceivable that it will therefore become possible to demand an abortion right up to the pregnancy term or according to the sex of the unborn child, which is prohibited in France as in many other nations. Furthermore, this could lead to challenging the conscientious objection clause for medical teams and further threaten the freedom of expression on a social and humanitarian matter which remains a painful taboo.

In France, the number of abortions remains at a high level, with 223,300 abortions recorded in 2021 and a record rate (15.5 abortions per 1000 women between 15 and 49 years of age in 2021). Additionally, whilst France is battling with economic difficulties, a report by the DREES (French Directorate of Research, Analysis, Evaluation and Statistics) has established that it is the poorest women who abort most (2020 report). Abortion is therefore a marker of social inequality, which should act as a warning for the public authorities.

How can one be satisfied with such a situation? Registering abortion in the constitution would be the last stage towards the commonplace use of an act which puts several lives at risk.

Our society is gradually turning its back on the distress and the situations some women are confronted with and such political gesticulations are masking the reality and preventing the establishment of a true means for preventing abortions allowing those who so wish to fulfil their pregnancy” concluded Caroline Roux, Deputy General Manager of Alliance VITA.

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