[Press Release]: French Citizens Express Deep Concern over Bioethics Bill

As a participant in the “March for the Children”, Alliance VITA is delighted by the large turnout for the protest march in Paris on October 6.

It shows the deep concern that many French citizens feel about the major changes and transgressions in the Bioethics bill, which Alliance VITA has been warning about for the past several months.

  • Switching to the “right to a child” since the criterion of infertility is no longer required for ART procedures. The amendment recently voted on surrogacy proves that the previous warnings were justified. Since the state is undermining filiation by reducing it to the mere recognition of someone’s intention, there is a wide range of possible scenarios: exclusion of the father, then exclusion of the mother, children deliberately created using artificial techniques, with an irresistible shift towards a procreation market to obtain gametes.
  • Escalation in prenatal selection: several MPs, doctors, and parents who support people with disabilities testify to the fact that France has been progressing on this slippery slope for years, with radical prenatal selection policies which turn numerous pregnancies into stressful and anxious situations.
  • Growing instrumentalization of human embryos for research and for profit: by lifting the ban on creating transgenic embryos and animal-human chimeras on the pretext of research, France is preparing to cross the red line, putting the integrity of the human species itself in danger.

Alliance VITA has noted the National Assembly’s late awareness of the necessity to implement genuine policies for infertility prevention and research (left out of the original draft), to counteract the growing risk of eugenics, and to block the scandalous creation of man-animal chimeras, which has been carefully concealed until now by those promoting the bill.

Held during the period while the bill is still being examined at the National Assembly, the October 6th “March for the Children” is a clear “wake-up call” for PM’s to assume their responsibility.

Alliance VITA urges French President, Macron to declare a moratorium on this Bioethics Bill since it is neither a necessity nor an emergency and French citizens are deeply divided on it.

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