Coronavirus: Confined At Home but Nonetheless Active


During this crisis period, we are even more deeply concerned about individuals who are anxious, alone and struggling. Like many others in France, Alliance VITA provides support for the most vulnerable: those who are elderly, sick, alone, or disabled. They are even more fragile due to the Coronavirus pandemic and to confinement.

Our SOS End of Life service is very actively involved to give updates on this pandemic, to answer specific individual questions, to listen and provide support for those who can no longer visit or comfort their loved ones, or those who can no longer attend the invaluable bereavement rites and rituals.

Our other listening service, SOS Baby, has extended its hours in order to provide listening assistance for all pregnant women feeling anxious about this health crisis, and assist women who discover an unexpected pregnancy.

Together with our network of doctors and caregivers who are on the front line, Alliance VITA is working on a number of solidarity initiatives, similar to those already being implemented by different companies and associations. More detailed information about these projects will soon be available.


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