VITA’s SOS End-of-Life Website Creates an Information Web Space Dedicated to Coronavirus


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are facing new challenges for caring for those who are sick, isolated or facing the end of their lives.

Needless to say, the Alliance VITA listening services have mobilized their resources for listening and helping isolated people and their relatives.

The brand new web space dedicated to COVID-19 on the SOS End-of-Life website presents several specific categories:

  • isolation during confinement,
  • difficulties in assisting people at the end of their life,
  • and the problem associated with mourning rites and funerals.

A specific category for caregivers gives them an opportunity to take a step back and reflect, and it also enables them to interact with other caregivers.

The SOS End-of-Life service was created by Alliance VITA, following the heat wave in 2003 to listen to and inform people facing difficulties at the end-of-life and during the grieving process. Indeed, given the current situation, this work is invaluable.

SOS End-of-Life assists people facing the end of their life, their relatives, or even the caregivers who have questions about some professional practices, and who need answers on the ethics of care.


SOS Fin de vie (SOS End-of-Life)
Tel : 01 42 71 32 94

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