[Press Release] Alliance VITA Warns Against Social Isolation of Vulnerable Persons


A few days before All Saints Day, and following President Macron’s declaration of a new national lockdown in France, Alliance VITA warns against the risk, for vulnerable people, in particular elderly people, of becoming more and more isolated, resulting from the imposed confinement, from not knowing the cause or progression of the disease, and from the closed in attitude of many citizens.

Undoubtedly, many families have close family ties, especially inter-generational, to help alleviate age-related and pandemic-induced vulnerability.

Nonetheless, it is currently estimated that approximately 4 million individuals feel extremely lonely. For those who don’t live in proximity to close relations, the new lockdown could unsurprisingly lead to more feelings of despair and discouragement.

Alliance VITA therefore wishes to warn against the effects of social disconnectedness on the physical and mental  health of the elderly. The idea is not to contest the recommended protective measures, but to urge all citizens to keep in contact with the elderly who are isolated and unrelated, in addition to one’s own loved ones.

Just when so many families are now grieving the loss of loved ones due to the COVID pandemic, others want to turn November 2nd, meant for remembering the dead, into an occasion to promote euthanasia. On the contrary, VITA encourages people to fight against the social disconnectedness of the most vulnerable. In the coming weeks an awareness campaign will focus on ways to re-establish or strengthen inter-generational ties. Especially during these difficult times which affect the whole country no one should feel unworthy to be loved and cared for.

For the past 17 years, Alliance VITA has been offering a listening service, SOS end-of-life,  for questions related to serious illness or death: bereavement or ethical dilemmas related to illness, extreme dependence, social assistance or medical care.

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