French Government Launches Platform to Help Parents Protect Children from Pornography


On Tuesday February 9, 2021, the French government launched its’ platform to help parents protect minors over the age of six from exposure to pornography.

The new website », (I protect my child) was disclosed on the international “Safer Internet Day”

According to a survey published in 2018, “nearly one third of minors have been exposed to pornography prior to age 12, 60% of them prior to age 15, and 82% prior to age18. Undeniably, this early exposure has consequences: over 50% of minors acknowledged having been shocked the first time they saw such images. Besides, 44% of teenagers concede they have tried to reproduce practices seen in X-rated films, and almost  25% admit a feeling of inferiority because of porn.”

This platform aims to help parents supervise their children by explaining how to install parental control of pornographic programs for example, and to help improve dialogue by suggesting how to discuss these topics.

Previously, in 2017, an Ifop study commissioned by “OPEN” (Observatory of Parenting and Digital Education) had alerted the government of the impact pornography was having on minors.

Today, a minor can easily override parental control of pornographic sites with a simple click. This past November, three associations petitioned the High Audiovisual Council (“Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel” or CSA”) to investigate three versions of the largest pornography site. Under current law the “CSA” has the authority to block these sites, and a decision is expected within a month.

Although this platform has the merit of raising public awareness about the dangers and harmful consequences of porn on young people, a more comprehensive policy is necessary to study how pornography can lead to addictions and incite violent behavior in adults.


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