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PRESS RELEASE – March 9, 2022

Humanity First

Alliance VITA’s Top 20 Priorities for 2022

Just one month before the upcoming first round of the French presidential election, Alliance VITA has just announced its top 20 priorities for 2022 and addressed them to all presidential candidates. The focus is placed on humanity which should be at the heart of all public policies.

In a society dominated by technology, economics and finance, the human being is gradually becoming the variable compelled to adjust to the all-powerful, globalized market. However, the Covid pandemic has also revealed that the French cherish social cohesion, family relationships and protecting the most vulnerable.

The real challenge at stake in the presidential and legislative elections is to focus on humanity, in particular by respecting the intangible ethical principles of human ecology.

Alliance VITA has a long experience in helping people confronted with the harships of life and a large number of contributions from its members. This allows them to challenge the presidential candidates with 20 urgent priorities and 3 main themes:

  • Developing Intergenerational Solidarity
  1. Write the long promised and finally abandoned Advanced Age and Autonomy law
  2. Intensify suicide prevention
  3. Firmly reject euthanasia and “assisted suicide”
  4. Create a parliamentary inquiry commission to investigate on the dying conditions in France
  5. Make palliative care accessible for everyone
  6. Create visitation rights in nursing and retirement homes for the sick, the elderly and the disabled
  • Fostering an Ecosystem to Help Families
  1. Restore Family Allowances for all families rather than depending on the income of the family to make the family policy fully effective
  2. Boost the family policy by offering support for couples
  3. Create specific assistance for young pregnant female students
  4. Reform parental leave for education
  5. Facilitate paternity leave by making it more flexible
  6. Fight against infertility
  7. Reach a universal ban on surrogacy because there is no such thing as “ethical” surrogacy
  8. Make society more inclusive for people with disabilities
  9. Help women avoid abortion through a comprehensive prevention policy
  10. Protect minors against sexual violence and pornography
  • Supporting Technological Innovations to Guarantee the Protection of the Most Vulnerable
  1. Extend the precautionary principle applied to environment to include the protection and integrity of human beings, to have an integral ecological approach
  2. Ensure adequate protection of the human embryo
  3. Ensure equal access to technology for everyone, and appropriately use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare
  4. Secure our digital footprint.

Taken together, these 20 priorities are designing a new target for France. Even after the presidential election they need to be promoted and advertised to the elected President so that he can take into consideration these issues which are so fundamental for France.

Refer to this link for the proposed platform priorities: https://www.alliancevita.org/elections2022/ and the press kit here.

Click here for the press kit.

Press Contact +33 6 67 77 14 80contactpresse@alliancevita.org



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