End-of-life Law : Nobody Should Be Excluded from Care!


End-of-life law
Nobody should be excluded from care!

The end-of-life law presented to the French Cabinet on 10th April is aimed at legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia under the cover of the expression “assistance in dying”. Strongly opposed to this bill which is established in an ultraliberal vision of society, Alliance VITA has launched an awareness campaign for nobody to be excluded from care.

The government has chosen to reconsider the prohibition to kill in a highly strained context for several reasons: record national debt levels, health system in crisis, unequal access to palliative care. Presented as a law for fraternity by President Macron, the bill on the contrary considers abandoning the most vulnerable. It also risks a breach of trust between the carers and the cared-for and eroding the prevention of suicide.

Legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia, at a time when the sanitary priorities are quite different, represents a double risk:

  • That the so-called “assistance in dying” should end up as an inevitable choice in the event of serious illness due to the lack of appropriate care or support.
  • That the most vulnerable patients who feel “useless” and “costly” should be pressurised to “choose” this type of suicide.
  • For that reason, the Alliance VITA teams will be on the streets from the end of the month with information actions and leaflet distribution for:
    • Denouncing the absurdity of this bill in relation to the obvious social and sanitary urgencies,
    • Pointing out its ultraliberal nature in total opposition with the claimed fraternity,

Unmasking its deleterious consequences for the prevention of suicide.

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