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european project on the human brain : 3 questions for dr grégoire hinzelin, the neurologist

European Project on the Human Brain : 3 Questions for Dr Grégoire Hinzelin, the Neurologist

What exactly is the European project on the human brain ? The project on the human brain was launched in Europe at ...
european parliament : parliamentary committee vote on a controversial proposal on filiation

European Parliament : Parliamentary Committee Vote on a Controversial Proposal on Filiation

On 7th November 2023, the European Parliamentary commission on legal affairs voted for a proposed rule initiated ...
canada has broken the sad record of its number of euthanasia

Canada has Broken the Sad Record of its Number of Euthanasia

Santé Canada (Canada Health) has just released its 4th annual report on Medical Assistance In Dying (MAD). ...
european parliament : surrogate motherhood included under human trafficking

European Parliament : Surrogate Motherhood Included under Human Trafficking

On 6th October 2023, the European members of parliament added surrogate motherhood to the human trafficking ...
embryo model : the biomedicine agency has issued an advice

Embryo Model : The Biomedicine Agency Has Issued an Advice

Research into what could be termed “embryo models” manufactured artificially in laboratories has been conducted ...

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