Publications : "Bioethics"

China’s CRISPR Twins Medical Scandal: New Revelations

New revelations have been reported in the case of the Chinese scientist who first used the CRISPR-Cas9 technique to genetically modify twin babies’ genes before birth. The birth announcement of twin girls in China last November sparked international condemnation for violating scientific guidelines against the use of gene-edited embryos to start pregnancies. He Jiankui admitted […]

Genetic Testing: DNA Kit Sales Skyrocketing

The American scientific magazine MIT Review, from the renowned University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has just published a report estimating that more than 26 million people have already used these kits to have their DNA tested. If this growth trend continues, the companies selling these kits will have the “genetic fingerprints” of more […]

Alliance VITA’s 4th session of Bioethics Conference 2019: « What is the Value of a Human Life?”

For the fourth and closing evening of the Bioethics Conference organized by Alliance VITA this year, the theme addressed was “Life, Under Pressure?” The conference was opened by the philosopher and mathematician, Oliver Rey, author of “Transhumanism: Illusion and Deception” (published by Desclée de Brouwer, 2018) who spoke of the difficulties men have to adapt […]