Our listening services

Contact a listening service, not to be alone

Alliance VITA listening services offer a space to talk and trust and exchange without judgment

They are intended for people facing life’s hardships, around pregnancy, end-of-life…

Coordinated by professionals, these listening and accompaniment services are provided by several dozen trained and supervised volunteers.

Depending on the situation, lighting or orientation can be offered as well as more personalized meetings.

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SOS Bébé for questions related to maternity: 

difficult or unplanned pregnancy : pre or post-natal mourning, the announcement of a handicapped child, miscarriage, voluntary and/or medical interruption of pregnancy, infertility 


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SOS fin de vie for questions related to serious illness or death : 

risk of unreasonable therapeutic obstinacy, euthanasia, burn-out of loved ones or care-takers, mourning, suicide…