Frozen ovocytes accidentally destroyed at Angers hospital

The Angers University Hospital announced on Thursday October 29, 2015 that an enquiry had been opened after the accidental destruction of 17 ovocyte samples conserved in a container of liquid nitrogen during the night of October 18-19. The Agency for medicine, the Regional Health Agency, and the Biomedical Agency were all three convoked. The biomedical agency must name an expert following this incident.

The priority of the caretakers’ teams is to inform the 17 patients concerned. “It is very important to underline that this incident does not hinder the possibility of planned pregnancies. The ovules concerned had been conserved as part of the treatment which could impact the patient fertility” the hospital specified.

In 2013, 469 incidents had been documented by the Biomedical Agency, and 56 incidents led to the loss of gametes and embryos in 2014.


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