Europe and bioethics: « Economic tropism and ethical ambivalence »



Tugdual Derville, General Delegate for Alliance VITA, was among 9 specialists interviewed on his viewpoint on Europe.

« The formation of Europe, a magnificent idea, is suffering from economic tropism to which everything else seems to be subordinated.

By virtue of the principle of free movement of goods and people, and in the absence of universally recognized ethical rules, the European right only guarantees a sort of “reproductive tourism”, and even tourism “to die”: ranging from the sale of ovocytes in Spain to “Thalys babies” and euthanasia, each individual chooses the least constraining place from an ethical perspective according to his aspirations and lifestyle.

In this regard, Europe often shows ambivalence. It provides no protection against gestational surrogacy, when France represents a pocket of resistance faced with Anglo-Saxon utilitarianism. Similarly, when appealing to the European Court of Human Rights to defend the human being, we are frequently compelled to contest its’ decisions which, in our opinion, do not protect the most vulnerable”.


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