French Presidential Elections: Alliance VITA on the Campaign Trail in over 200 Cities

Alliance VITA is continuing its awareness campaign and distributing flyers throughout France when it has also published an e-reader document taking stock of François Hollande’s 5-year term of office. Alliance VITA lists more than 30 destructive measures, which penalize families and attack every stage of human life. VITA invite individuals to cast their vote for the candidates who promise to commit to repair the damage for defending the life and human dignity of all, especially those who are the most vulnerable.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate :

“Our volunteers and those who support them in this widespread awareness campaign have been surprised by the obvious disgust by numerous passer-bys for the electoral race. The public was reassured to know that we are not specifically lobbying for one political party, but that can also be a worrisome indication for the process of democratic debate. Our awareness campaign denounces the overall damage burdened on the public during the past five-year term under the current French President’s responsibility.

When French President Hollande was mentioned, we observed a backlash of an unprecedented magnitude. Once the aforementioned objections have been resolved, meaningful conversations between the volunteers and the public citizens took place, as always when Alliance VITA holds awareness campaigns. It is especially important to discuss these “biopolitical” subjects since everyone is intimately concerned.  

Motivated by the distribution in over 200 cities of the hundreds of thousands of flyers, among the million printed, the visitors emerged in force to our internet site dealing with the destructive measures in this chaotic 5-year term.

Even if many French voters don’t always agree with our convictions, they report being astonished when they discover that the deconstruction had been carried out in such a systematic manner. As if that should be the priority in the actual socio-economic and strategic difficult context that we are facing.

I want to thank the courageous volunteers, helping to make our society aware of the importance of repairing the damage which penalizes families, welcoming life and protecting the most vulnerable individuals.”


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