Special Task Force for Artificial Intelligence

The French Prime Minister named Cédric Villani (LREM) to head a special task force on artificial intelligence. His assignment is to establish a national strategy, in order for France to be competitive in this field. Villani has previously participated in the FranceIA, (“France: Artificial Intelligence”) group, set up in early 2017 by François Holland’s government.  He has also been appointed as president of OPECST, (the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices) and must therefore specify the economic and ethical challenges raised by artificial intelligence, and propose guidelines for action. In the summary submitted on March 21, FranceIA gave the following definition of AI: “The term “artificial intelligence” generally includes ideas based on the human brain and cognition, to support individuals in processing massive amounts of information “. One of the major challenges for AI is the legal and regulatory framework to promote the development of applications while respecting our personal data, our social framework and our model of society.]]>

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