Spanish Fertility Clinic Guarantees a Baby or a Refund


In mid-April, the Institute of Infertility in Valencia, Spain (IVI), a private group of specialized clinics in reproductive medicine, launched the “IVI Baby” program, which guarantees a refund for women and couples when their treatment protocol is unsuccessful and does not result in having a child.
The stated focus is to give clients peace of mind and guarantee the birth of a baby after following the assisted reproductive technique (ART) program. “With IVI Baby, you’ll bring your baby home in a maximum of 24 months,” claims their website. Nevertheless, before being able to follow the treatment program, various criteria must be met, related to the patient’s age, body mass index (BMI), past health history…
According to Dr. Antonio Requena, General Medical Director of IVI: “the quality of the medical protocols, our advanced laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, and highly qualified professionals together enable this innovative plan to be offered with confidence and guarantee the birth of a baby”.
The IVI group is at the forefront in the field of ART, with over 70 clinics in 13 countries specialized in reproductive medicine, and claims 160,000 children have been born in the past 27 years via IVI.
Caroline Roux, Alliance VITA’s Assistant General Delegate and  Coordinator of Listening Services:
“This type of company has a business based on reproduction. Their so-called ‘innovative’ offer is the equivalent of ‘100 % satisfied or 100% financial refund’. However this is everything but an improvement: the marketing vocabulary in the reproductive business consider babies as objects to be acquired. When Alliance VITA sounds the alert on the risks of dangerous transgression in the reproductive market, they are based on tangible facts. Until today, France has resisted. We are fighting to ensure that the current bioethics law under revision guarantee the non-commodification of reproduction.  A genuine innovation would be a research policy to understand the causes of infertility and to propose treatments to restore fertility in order to give couples reproductive autonomy.”
Further information: Press Conference on the Reproductive Marketplace.

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