[Press Release] Alliance VITA Announces 2019’s Bioethics Conference on « The Value of Life »


 “The value of life” is the theme chosen by Alliance VITA for its’ 2019 Bioethics Conference. On four successive Mondays from January 14 to February 4, participants may attend live presentations by videoconference, debates and round table discussions on current bioethics issues in over 140 cities throughout France and abroad.

A new bioethics bill will soon be tabled by the French government, thus the symposium will host scientists and specialists to discuss crucial issues, including:

Should we allow scientific specialists to manufacture human beings, regardless of the cost? Is every human being’s life worth living? How can we show the value of the most vulnerable individuals? Can mankind be protected against outrageous marketing pressures?

For the event, this year’s poster announcement shows a youngster being weighed on a balance. This implies that multiple issues will be addressed in an unprecedented manner: the desire to have a child, artificial reproduction, surrogacy, commodification of the human body, disabilities, dependency, ageing, end-of-life, etc.

Speakers from Alliance VITA include Tugdual Derville, François-Xavier Peres, Caroline Roux, Blanche Streb and Olivier Trédan, in addition to :

  • Michael Lonsdale, actor
  • Olivier Rey, philosopher,
  • Clotilde Noël, who started the “Fallen from the Nest” Community,
  • Maître Adeline le Gouvello, lawyer from “Jurists for Children“,
  • Xavier Mirabel, oncologist,
  • Benoît Clermont, and his wife Marie-Axelle, author of “Gaspard, Between Heaven and Earth”,
  • Bertrand and Gaëlle Lionel-Marie, National Bioethical Officers for the French Catholic Family Association,
  • Sophie and Cédric Barut, authors of “I’ll be back before nightfall”,
  • General Henri Marescaux, founder of an association to help prostitutes.

More guest speakers or experts will speak locally.

Over the past 5 years, more than 35,000 people have already participated in Alliance VITA’s Annual Bioethics Conference, thus making it the leading national bioethics event.

For more information and online registration: http://www.universitedelavie.fr/

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