Versailles Court Condemns Web Host for Advertising Surrogacy


On February 26, 2019, the High Court in Versailles condemned the web host provider of a Spanish website, for advertising surrogacy services in France.

This decision was rendered after the Spanish website Subrogalia refused to delete their surrogacy ads which targeted French people. Already in 2016, the Lawyer’s Association for Children issued Subrogalia a formal notice to delete its surrogacy ads, regarded as illegal in France where the practice is prohibited. Since Subrogalia did not respond, the lawyers’ association contacted the host provider, who also refused to delete the internet site’s content.

The High Court in Versailles validated the association’s request to declare the site’s content as illegal, and also by verifying that the web host provider was aware of this illegal publicity.

Following this decision, the web host provider must stop hosting the Subrogalia internet site.

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