[Press Release] URGENT: Judge Orders Mediatransports to Resume Alliance VITA’s Advertising Campaign


Alliance VITA praises the court’s decision ordering to resume their censored campaign “Society will progress”.

Alliance VITA praises the decision of the interim relief judge of the Paris Court of Justice. Mediatransports stands accused of arbitrary censorship for stopping the “Society will progress” campaign and is ordered to post again the two visuals they had withdrawn on January 2, without any prior notice, and without even notifying the association.

Alliance VITA requests the second media network, Exterion Media, to resume immediately the campaign in full respect of the contract signed, otherwise the association will take legal action. Indeed Exterion Media received and followed an injunction from the Parisian mayor, Annie Hidalgo, to remove all three versions of the posters from the streets of Paris on January 3, 2020.

Tugdual Derville, Alliance VITA’s General Delegate declares: This ruling is certainly a victory for Alliance VITA and for the noble causes we are fighting for with dignity. But first and foremost, it is a victory for the freedom of speech against a ‘thought police’. The words ‘paternity and maternity, very neutrally promoted in the posters, have been banned while at the same time the French are harassed with so many violent or consumerist visuals. This fact is a call to conscience and Alliance VITA intends to contribute to this call via its campaign and its unexpected chain reactions.

In this regard, Alliance VITA denounces the fact that some anonymous twitter accounts, are used to denounce and censure. They have a real power of intimidation and are truly detrimental, as demonstrated in this campaign, to democratic debate.


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