Press Conference by “March for the Children” to Request the Withdrawal of France’s Bioethics Bill


Together with the collective group “March for the Children”, Alliance VITA participated in an emergency press conference on June 18, 2020 in front of the French Health Ministry to denounce the government’s obstinate attempt to push through the bioethics bill in an extraordinary parliamentary session to be held in July.

Caroline Roux, Alliance VITA’s Assistant General Delegate declared:

”We are here to denounce the government’s obstinacy to push through the highly controversial bioethics bill by adding it to the parliament’s agenda in July’s extraordinary session. Considering the bioethics bill as a national priority when we are still recovering from a crippling health crisis is diametrically opposed to what this country urgently needs.

We can attest that the crisis had a serious impact on the most vulnerable

This crisis was an intense period for Alliance VITA with calls to our listening services more than doubling: assisting pregnant women in grievously precarious conditions, and providing support to the elderly and those facing illness, disability, loneliness, end of life and bereavement.

The confinement period revealed worries about unemployment, the need for a social assistance particularly for people in a precarious situation, and for family ties.

Along with many of our fellow citizens, we praise the dedication of healthcare workers; but we also lament the flaws and deficiencies of our healthcare system, which is crying out for reform.

During this period we have all become more aware of our vulnerability, as one of life’s inherent conditions, both for human beings and for the environment. We are now presented with an opportunity to implement a responsible ecosystem which is first and foremost committed to protecting human nature. The priorities for France need to be redefined to focus on serving the common good.

This bioethics law could put future generations at risk

  • It’s a headlong plunge towards increasingly artificial procreation techniques, which questions children’s rights and parent-child relationships.
  • Pressure is mounting for future generations to use selective measures, with the proliferation of prenatal diagnosis tests, which may lead to genetic discrimination and further ostracize those with disabilities.
  • This bill irreversibly crosses the red line on human genetic modifications, by opening the door to genetically modified embryos and creating chimeras mixing animal and human cell lines.

Considering the virulence and the uncertainties still surrounding this virus, which paralyzed the entire planet: it would appear arrogant and alarmingly foolish to play ‘god’ with genetics.

We appeal to our government and our parliament to demonstrate their sense of duty and responsibility. They cannot act innocuously and pretend that nothing has changed. We have entered a new era where the world is more vulnerable.

There are urgent economic, social and health issues to be addressed this summer.

Priorities should be respected, and parliament should be granted an adequate time allowance to work on reforms, which are vital for French citizens.

This is why we call for this bioethics bill to be withdrawn.

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